Hit the Road in Style During Your Home Makeover

If you are going through a home makeover, there is nothing quite like the sweet satisfaction of knowing that during the most hectic period, when the dust is flying through the air in a never-ending manner, and the sound of saws and hammering just never seems to cease, you can pick up your Vera Bradley bag, chuck it in the back of your car, and zip off down the road on a much needed mini-vacation. If you have never done a home makeover, the headaches you amass in just the planning phase will easily convince you this is a must. If you have remodeled your home before, it is easy to see just how many frustrations could be solved by stepping back (we are talking way back, like 50 miles or more away), taking a deep breath, and coming back to the situation with a calmer and perhaps new perspective.


If you are about to go on a small road trip during your home’s makeover, there is one essential item you will want to get your hands on before you do anything else. Make sure that you pack your stuff inside your Vera Bradley bag. The last thing you want is to leave that baby at home to get dusty. But even more importantly, if you are toting a Vera Bradley around, those you encounter will know you are someone with class.

Now, of course you are heading through a home remodel and may not have a ton of money laying around, so what you need to do is buy that bag as inexpensively as you possibly can. Do not let yourself get discouraged from getthing the perfect Vera Bradley bag, and instead check out Vera Bradley’s Groupon Coupons page where you can score on all kinds of amazing deals at Vera Bradley. You will love the coupons that range from 25% off to free shipping, and all the way up to 50% off! Make sure you outfit yourself properly, and you will always be glad that you took a short break from the home improvement project.